Union Foundry [T-0001-0A] Rotofixer

Seems like a cool tool, both in form and function


more here

That is a great little tool.

And Sugarkane will love it because it could be deemed a Ninja weapon.

Saw these a few weeks back. Really cool idea. Bit pricey though.



But what is the point? You can carry a small Pedro tool with you?

I just bolt a derailleur to my frame.

BSNYC already made that joke… :smiley:

Just call me Leibniz then.

It may well puncture your Turbo re-issue, saddle if you inadvertantly sit on it, but it is cog shaped, and you can hang it off your oversized, hipster, carabiner/d-lock holder for style points. How often do you stop in street to change cogs though?

For a tool to be successful, it needs to solve a problem. They have invented the problem in this case…

$100 is way steep for a semi-useless tool. and don’t see why they cut it in 1/8th which will make it difficult for those running 3/32.

That’s fixie thinking for you!

I thought it was a fresh idea. Much more leverage than a pedro tool. Smaller than a decent sized lockring spanner. Wank factor if you carry it hanging from your belt.

I reckon you could design something that clipped on to the chainstay/seatstay and did the same thing though, without taking the wheel off first.


yes, as previously mentioned, this tool has been around for many decades, it’s called a derailleur…
or, if you needed to keep it fixed, there’s this other thing called a fixed/fixed flip flop hub. if a FG rider needs more than 2 gears, then they’re riding the wrong bike…

(i suppose with this sort of ass-backwards thinking though, ppl would be more inclined to clip a whole extra wheel to their fucking carabena than use that pinkish-grey blob of stuff encased in their skulls. jesus fuck!)

Haha, it’s a wonder most of the respondents above can ride in a straight line with their gross left brain imbalances!

…don’t suppose you’ve ever heard of the Alessi juicy salif by any chance?

Why didn’t they just make a lockring that has teeth on it? Then you don’t have to carry anything extra.

well… i’d like to throw it at the confused hippy/hipster (WTF) in the video… rotorfixing is only good for taking the paint off your BB shell
get a fucking chain whip… and i don’t even know any one who ever changes their gearing using a flip flop out side of proper racing any way…
choose a nice big gear you can push around and stop with and volia!!! done…
not tall enough, make it bigger or learn to spin…
can’t climb a hill… man the fuck up and climb the dam thing… it’ll only beat you once or twice… or ride around it…

not ninja enough for my seal of approval

( sorry if that was a bit ranty )

derailleur my ass… I’m not talking about changing cogs on the run. I’m talking about making a better mousetrap.

ohh noo i didn’t realize this was straight out of the IF work shops…
i’d kinda like an IF frame but now i’m having second thoughts…