"unknown" vintage reynolds 531 track frame.

I wonder what it is…

Vintage Reynolds 531 Track Frame. | eBay

Malvern Star 5 Star…

Get ON IT!!!

Funny that he knows it’s Reynolds 531 but not that it’s a Malv…shhh.

Surely you jest.

here it is on BNA, He knows it is a five star?

BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - INFO ON MALVERN STAR 5 STAR

Bit suss, maybe it’s iffy and it’s a delayed flip?

sarcasm meter was turned off soz. thought it was a bit obvious :expressionless:

I wasnt being sarcastic, just making a joke.

From my home town…

^ and your size too ain’t it?

No more bikes.

I’ve been told.

$182 with 15 minutes to go!

Almost $1000 at the end, what the?!

Collectors don’t play till the last few seconds.

Makes sense, I just never knew they were worth so much. Sweet!

They were worth a lot more but in the last few years the prices have fallen off a lot.

$1000 in Aldinga? Hope that dude has a security system…