Unrestored 1968 Cinelli, shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!

I thought this had been repainted at least. Apparently not.

1968 Cinelli SC Cromovelato Bivalent Campagnolo 59cc vg - eBay (item 360267678363 end time Jun-06-10 08:05:22 PDT)

They just keep popping up. wonder when they will stop :slight_smile:

Any bikes have these things for the wires nowadays? My road bike has a crappy plastic one under the BB shell.

Nice. But would it fit an aerospoke?

So what do such examples usually go for? At US$6288 reserve hasn’t been met.

If you bought it, would you ride it? I probably wouldn’t, but I would never buy a bike for hanging on the wall…so I guess that counts me out :wink:

I was amused by the first question -

Q: Truly Amazing!
A: thank you!

Plastic is basically standard for cables these days.


I was told by one of the dudes at Pista bikes that they stopped using those metal guides in the late 70’s because plastic was better.

i miss being able to pay too much for something to ‘hang it on my wall’ there is a beauty in certain things ( old and un-molestered)…and deep down you know you will pay any price to have it.

Very sexy. Bivalent hubs make this very desirable, such is their rarity. Those Clement silks look super too. Someone went to town on this with all the extra drillium and paint infill touches. It’s a little over the top but Italian bikes usually were.