Unsafe at any speed.

After about 4 years I decided to build another street fixie:

I went beyond the parts bin to the hard rubbish pile for a couple of bits. Still needs a few tweaks and its ready to roll.


Conversions are back…yes!

Sweet stem!

Nice Roval pron. Up there with Shamal’s as the hottest wheels ever made.

You spelled sweet wrong.

First blakey and then erle… next thing brendan or snowflake will be building a sweet street fixie up!

of course the high point will be rollys triumphant return to fixies…

Yeah what’s the go with the front roval- what era is that?

Heaps of info here.


Snowflake rides fixed on 1 out of 2 xmas day saturday fixed rides.

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me HM.

April fools.

This I like and am building something similar the Killr Ken…