Unusual Melbourne riders

There’s a guy I’ve seen a few times round Collingwood that wears a big shiny colander as a helmet - never ceases to bring lols

^ Not this guy is it? 'Relax and enjoy some pasta': Pastafarian takes on Jesus bikes in Melbourne CBD

haha - nah, colander was heaps bigger

Really handsome guy? I get glimpses of him around the place too!

yeh devastatingly good looking.

You think you’re so clever.

Penny farthing guy, Swanston and Bourke at 7:30am this morning!
I have a feeling he is a cyclist and not just an eccentric guy who likes his old time bikes, he dresses like quite the modern cyclist.

cyclist and eccentric guy usually go hand in hand.

The day I saw him he had flashy taillights etc. Certainly wasn’t his first time commuting on it. However watching him mount and dismount makes me wonder why you’d want to commute on such a contraption.