Unusual Melbourne riders

Saw a couple of interesting cyclists on my commute home tonight in Melbourne around 5pm, and thought I would share.

  • A gentleman riding with his backpack, flashing taillights, commuting home along Southbank on his penny farthing. Ok, somewhat unusual.

  • Another gentleman near Rod Laver Arena riding some kind of cruiser, blasting music loudly, deliberately snaking left and right, all the while wearing those glasses with eyeballs on the ends of springs. I am not making this up. Glasses like these:

I presume this gentleman has a story, and I am sure some of you have seen him before. Not sure what to make of all of this!

There is a man, maybe 40 or so, who rides a bike that I think is supposed to look like a motorcycle. He wears a leather jacket and a black helmet to add to the aesthetic. I’m unsure if it is electric, but the riding position and bike would make any kind of hill or distance an issue.
I only see him in the morning near Punt Road.

Yep, I see him too. I figure there has to be electric assist in there somewhere.

Back onto my original post, I was really weirded out by the second guy. My intention was/is not to mock anybody on a bike or otherwise, but he’s just so unusual that I am now curious as to what this person’s story or intention may be.

I passed a p-far up Royal Pde last week, could well be the same person.

Not in Melbourne nor a rider, but last week I saw a guy jogging down a path while juggling balls.

There’s a guy in Sydney who commutes on a fat bike.

I haven’t seen this guy, but will keep an eye out.
What time do you go through Rod Laver usually?

Surely that’s illegal in Sydney.

Same here. He’s always riding really slow and looks like he’s having a bad time of it. If only there were tyres that are lighter and roll better. Oh well.

There’s a bloke who runs past my house (and then around centennial park, which is a 10km loop) whilst dragging a car tire that is tied to his waist with a rope.

Despite being obviously borderline batshit insane, he also makes a hell of a racket at 6am.

There’s an e-fatbike guy that rides around Fitzroy in a full face helmet

I see this guy round south of the river pretty frequently - usually playing chicken with cars or pedestrians in a manner like someone with a deathwish. Raked out forks, big chopper bars, a spiky helmet and the eyeball glasses… always with the weird eyeball glasses that surely obstruct 80% of his vision.

Jesus a penny farthing would be terrifying in traffic. There’s someone who rides a tall bike a bit on the Park st/ capital city trail, also looks risky.

There’s a guy I haven’t seen for a while but saw semi regularly in the CBD who choses not to pedal but instead wobbles his handlebars left and right to keep up momentum. Maybe that was the second person you saw??

I saw him last night around 5pm, but other times I have just seen him around the city, somewhere between Docklands and Richmond I suppose.

Yes, it’s certainly extreme attention seeking behaviour. I had earphones in but I am sure he was trying to get my attention too. I feel like there has to be a mental health issue associated with all of this, so I wonder what help he has from friends and family (hoping he has either or both).

Yep the motor bike spring glasses guy is an old Melbourne local i hear, I have a couple of photos of him and I think Ex FOA Guy ben knows his story and he frequently rides South Yarra to Saint Kilda,
There is also a guy I see non stop from port Melb to the Boullie on a road bike with all black with shorts over tights in winter or summer with a backpack and a skate helmet.

He seems to have retired the full face helmet recently :frowning: - I’d always see him cruise down Johnson st

He also used to ride a full TT bike with a disc in a full aero helmet and skin suit around town.

Seems relevant

saw a bloke on a purple bike with a tiny front wheel making peace signs to everyone he passed.