Urgent volunteers needed QLD Track Masters Titles

Hey, so an email came through yesterday from Cycling QLD about the Urgent volunteers needed for the QLD Track Masters Titles to go ahead.

Firstly, there’s a link below where you can sign up for as much or as little over any day and time over today and the weekend. Means you get warm fuzzies for helping out and see some sweet racing for free from the infield. So if anyone can help it’d be really good of ya.

Secondly, Fuck Cycling QLD. The email was worded like I the competitor was at fault for not supplying enough volunteers for the annual event and verged on singling out people for their response on the sign up sheet in the “nominate your club volunteer” section. I have only recently meet anyone from my club! How the fuck exactly am I supposed to know who to nominate? I got the email the day the event started! Didn’t you see it on you’re calendar CQ… way to go CQ events manager, and so on and so on.

I’m a let this go for now cause I have to get to the track, but come Monday Race Director Liam McCarthy you can expect an exceptionally well put together sternly worded email from Duggy.


link here

good lolz I just checked the box as a volunteer spectator