USB cache battery

I think I’m searching for the impossible, but:

-through charge compatible (can be charged and charge something at the same time)
-mini usb or other solid charge input (not micro like android phones as this get knocked out to easily)

anyone seen anything?

I’ve had a good hunt.

(or a USB cable with a capacitor inline?)

I have one of these:
It comes with micro USB in and out as standard, but you can buy a replacement cable for mini USB, which I have. Alternatively, you can use the standard cable and adapter to plug a mini USB cable into that.
Only downside is it’s not ‘small’. It’s not huge but it’s not one of those tiny pen sized ones.
Other pros: through charging works, the cables seem to be pretty robust, waterproof, shockproof etc.

I know this is not what you want, but i have one from Bunnings of all places and it’s pretty handy.

i’m fine with bunnings, name/link?

cheers, but yeah bit bulky, trying to get around the garmin beeping at me ~8kmph

have emailed Garmin -do not expect a solution, but hey.

Check out the Limefuel batteries. My mate Brett will be using one on the TA

Also read this:

Hmm. Yeah maybe I’ll get the smallest limefuel and try semi-permanently attach the micro-usb input.

Or mebbe just unplug my Garmin on slow climbs and single track…