USB port top cap (via dynamo hub)

For the price, I couldn’t resist and purchased a unit…cheap, it landed into Aust for under $90AUD.

Poor mans THE PLUG…

I’d read the review via these 2 links;

Not installed yet, but will do this weekend.

Not my PHOTO

Cool. I’ll be interested to see how it goes

Looks alright. Be keen to hear your report. I just ordered a sinewave converter based on reliability but this is cheaper and neater.

For the price, I had to give it a go…


Yep. Ended up being $190! Def keen to hear about this esp. In rain which is where the revolution is supposed to be good vs the plug etc as its completely sealed.

heh, have THEPLUG improved their weather sealing yet, that thing was atrocious for fritzing when it first came out.

NEGATIVE AL9000…which is where this ‘cycle2charge’ is good, as it has the rotating cap over the USB port for when things look grim.

This is my plan, Exposure light doubles as a cache battery with the USB connector, charge the light and or piggyback battery I have from the dynamo during the day.

Use dynamo light at night in conjunction with the exposure helmet light if I need it.

Charge phone from light at night when I stop -micro USB on android phones is terrible connection wise, whereas the eposure charger cable is solid and will handle some bumps.

Downside is if I drain the light’s battery riding at night and the piggyback battery has no charge/battery indicator but it is very light.

And while you’re out riding the phone battery should last at least 2-3 days unless you’re using it for navigating.

true, it is an extended battery that last 2-3 days on aeroplane mode

Setup my Dynamo light and USB charging today.

Used some telephone cable from jaycar @ $0.60 a metre it has 4 insulated wires inside it, paired colours together, soldered then crimped into SP hub plug:

Those wires split out at top into 4 mini banana plug sockets, soldered and heatshrinked.

USB converter and light have banana plugs on the end and I’ll leave them both plugged in all the time while riding (can unplug for transit/move between bikes if I wanted to)

Wider view:

Took it for a ride around the block, takes 20 seconds for USB charging to start, but charges exposure diablo till about 7kmph, powered GPS fine till about the same (not at same time, but it might work at high speeds)

Once below 7kmph GPS beeps saying “external power lost” and you gotta push a button to revert to battery and stop it turning off in 30 seconds, it seems if you speed up quick enough it goes back to external power but on a steep climb or single track I’ll just let use batteries.

Both still worked with light on but I’ll have to wait till dark to see how much light output is affected.

I’m pretty happy, going to see how long it takes to charge the diablo on some rides soon.

Also, shall we rename this the dynamo thread? and just put all dynamo stuff here rather than in the general touring and lights thread?

But we can also talk about walking socks, sandals and brims for helmets like “Da Brim”

Didn’t know this existed MikeD… mind blown!

I have one of those for my hard hat. crucial site gear.

I ran my setup on the Woods Point Century.

Diablo charged from flat in 4hrs, can’t power GPS and charge unless going 30kms+

Light and GPS sorta worked at same time.

I’m considering one of these:

Has anyone used one? It’s only the charge unit without the battery featured in most of the reviews. I could order a couple to save on shipping if anyone else is interested.