Has anyone ever been to a city where they respect cyclists? I’m not talking about making eye contact before turning left in front of us from the right hand lane in a truck, but real respect.

At least Melbourne city is better than the suburbs. Its a jungle out past Box Hill!

The Netherland, Japan, Denmark, to name a few.

Copenhagen, although I got strange looks sitting behind a car to turn at the lights instead of doing a hook turn.

dont need a utopia to chill out with wolves. you just need to be a man.

man living near wolves would be fucking sweet

my wolf shirts would cease being ironic and become a sign of respect

Portland, OR.

<3 <3 <3

I think its still ‘respec’ innit?

please refer to the image in this thread.

Please note it’s the same t-shirt.

You’re quick SanEsteban… very quick!

Kapow… all over it. :expressionless:

When you’ve got a thesis to write, fixed.org wins every time.

jeez you think.


amen to that, brother.

I prefer this:


yeah nice heavymetal, nice :mrgreen:


Cycling around in Denmark in my youth and early adult years was all nice and lovely - so accomodating, passing cyclists nodding and smiling at you with their baskets full of ryebread and cheese. In some areas they even have seperate traffic lights for bike lanes, which people genuinely adhere to.

I’ll be honest though, i’ll take a London cabby screaming “WANKER!!!” 2 inches from my face over ryebread anyday.

Amsterdam. But don’t lock your bike up in one spot for too long, it may get culled.

They even have multi-storey bike parks!

Oh, and here of course.