UWA kids

Managed to meet Prawi yesterday and wondering if any other riders from UWA are on these boards?

Certainly beginning to see a lot more bikes on campus. :sunglasses:

hey Simon :slight_smile:
did you get my note about polo?

There’s an alleycat tomorrow, come down!

Yeah got your note :slight_smile: was already following both of your blogs :wink:

Going out to dinner tomorrow night + alley cats scare me a little at present.

Will be around on Sunday so I will hopefully wander up to polo, I’m from a family of skiers and golfers so if I enjoy it as much as I expect to will probably make up a few sticks eventually as old ski stocks and golf clubs are in abundance at my place.

My brother picked up an orange masi speciale today, so another bike on campus to look out for :wink:

prawza i’m hitting polo up as soon as my pre-1990 steel road bike frame is replaced by a columbus trackie. alleycat at the park sounds awesome tomorrow.

^^ nice.

Look forward to seeing you guys on Sunday!

Finally decided to register on these boards. Finished my first fixie a couple of weeks into this semester might of seen me around on the powder blue frame and white deep vs. I reckon i see a new fixed gear every week or so at uni. Anyway say hello if you see me at uni and let me know of any polo or anything me and my mate will (black frame with the lime green deep vs) would be keen.
Peace and good luck with exams

hey toddyoscar.

Don’t think i’ve seen your bike around, though i remember seeing the black frame with green veeps once (trying to do backwards circles in the carpark lol). I’m currently riding around on a stickered up “fuga” frame.

polo happens weekly on Sunday’s at 3 pm. the location changes quite a bit, so it does get a little confusing, but this week it will be at the carpark on the corner of Thomas and Ord street.

a few handy links:

PCP facebook
PCP Blog

good luck with exams!

Who’s responsible for the Grey frame, brooks saddle, miche cranks and a white potato on the front…? Seen several times in guild village stairwell (up to travel agents etc).

I’m pretty sure I have seen your bike Toddyoscar.

@prawi - I laughed when I saw your bike / pseudo-clothes line with shorts + shoes etc drying on it about a week ago. Good dedication.

Rain ain’t gona stop me riding to uni!
the smelly shoes also double as an anti-theft device LOL

also seen the bike with arrosp0k… I think he works for ref or guild? (wild stab)

come play polo!

Pretty sure you’re alright for anti-theft with your triple lock :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t driven to uni once this year either. Bright yellow waterproof jacket I use when I ride my roadie in winter and a $20 mud guard are winners.

Will get to polo one day I’m sure. Have had a lot of Sunday hockey fixtures this year… Should be able to find time after exams though.

For some reason I guessed that aerospoke dude worked in guild village too…

I have this weird feeling that he also owns a colnago master equipped with campy record gear, could go on about the evidence behind this assumption, but then I’d start to look like a bit of a bike stalker :slight_smile: (not that I’d deny this accusation either)

but yeah, come down when you’re free, Hockey players seem to pick it up really quickly (hand eye coordination + dribbling is very similar).

Bike stalking is rad.

There is TWO steel frame colnago roadies that get locked up in the staff cages under business school that I always look at, both are stunning, shimano 600 groupo on one and a mix of bits on the other.

I perv bikes all the time… my girlfriend prefers it to other types of perving.

I want to make bike polo sticks so I can hone my skills before playing :evil: do you use golf clubs or ski poles? I have plenty of both.

It comes down to personal choice really.

Ski poles seem to be the general consensus within the polo community, however golf clubs are equally as effective and a little more durable too.
Same debate as steel or alu frames, both have their pros and cons… though to a far lesser extent when it comes to polo mallets.

We have a few spare mallets which we bring along to every session in the hope that new people will come so you can probably try both before deciding to rip apart a nice functioning ski pole/golf club :wink:

sorry if none of this makes no sense, i just got home from work and its 5am

I think I saw you riding through the city yesterday evening?
I was kicking about on my bmx.

not a student here but pass through a few times and go to libary etc.
seen a few fixies around.
may have seen mine, used to be a brown mongoose now a black one with flat bar, grape profile sproket etc.
say gday some time, keen to get into the fixie scene.

im not at UWA but i live just across the narrows, trying to get into bike messenger work but its been a hard task, no luck as of yet, there seems to be an abundance of riders but not enough weork to go around, slightly disheartening but ill keep looking. can someone forward the details of the next few bike polo days coming up? I might try and make it over to have a look :lol:

3pm, every Sunday.
Location changes between two location’s week to week depending on the footy, next few week’s location are:

16th Colonnade
23rd Thomas Street
30th Colonnade

6th Colonnade
13th Colonnade

www.perthcyclepolo.blogspot.com has exact locations (i think :expressionless: )

Noticed this:


Join other UWA students hoping to set up a bike collective and

workshop space for students on campus - all welcome

WHERE: Oak Lawn

WHEN: Thurs 27th Aug, 1pm

I will be heading there to have a look.

Yo, while you guys are on break you should come down the south west. Margaret River, Bunbury, Busselton & Dunsborough. We can all meet up/bbq/alleycat/polo and bomb some hills.

hit me up

I’m a uwa lad