v3 scrambler

Hey just was bout to order a v2 off Eighthinch Scrambler V2 Frameset - Cycling Closeouts but they’re out of stock.
v3 are on pre-order, has anyone dealt with these guys before? shipping is pretty expensive, cheers

The v2 has been out of stock for months… The shipping its going to be high regardless.

If you search around i’m pretty sure a few people have ordered through these guys before. I just put my order through this arvo!

I bought my V2 through these guys, got touched up on shipping but arrived in 4 days. Big wtf moment to have the fedex bro arriving at the door when It seemed like yesterday I payed for it.

is this the v3 you ordered?
v2 r back in stock at the end of july the site says…
i just want a frame, i need to ride argh

Yeah I ordered the v3

Do you reckon I should get a 57cm frame? I’m 181cm
59cm might be too big i reckon

Depending on the length of your legs I think the 57cm would be too big? I’m 180~ and ride a 53cm.