vale jobst brandt

May your 32 spoked wood rim tubulars remain true for every alpine descent.


If you don’t know who Jobst is, read this and get learned. Yeah, it’ll take you a while, but it’s worth it.

For fifty years he went touring in the Alps annually:

Five part interview with JB from CB:

Great links, thanks Blakey. His “Jobst rides” sound so rad. He was def one of the greats…


Had never heard of him, but based on his bio, i would give him a 50/50 chance of making it past the FOA kook filter. Particle accelerators, tubulars on dirt, notoriously opinionated without reservations, smashing it out for days on days in the Alps - what a madman!

Could we merge angry, HALbot, scooter and a few others into a tribute FOA FrankenBrandt?

Added some links.

Ride Bike!

“May your 32 spoked wood rim tubulars remain true for every alpine descent”

Hear hear.

I remember him being a regular on rec.bicycles and

An awesome engineer who could explain technical concepts in a very straight forward way.

Is he the wheelbuilder guy?

Nah he started Apple Macintosh.

Got it!

Whereas Sheldon Brown’s Internet presence was that of the benevolent sage, Brandt was the admonishing parent, and his passing is a loss to cycling, because all of us who ride bikes need people to tell us when we’re being fucking idiots.