Valentines day suggestions..

As the title suggests, I am a complete battler with this kind of stuff…

Looking for something to do with the missus in the evening of V day…

Preferably something to do rather than ole faithful dinner.

On a budget!!

Thanks Romeos.

We only know bike parts here…

Maybe I should get her a bike in that case!

You can get me a new wheelset, I’ll love you forever <3 <3 <3

If only it were that easy!!

We are not off to a good start!

Picnic under the stars somewhere if it’s warm. The plus is, it’s a cheap meal, and if you are a shit/lazy cook like me, then ham and cheese bread rolls will still be fine because the sentiment/cute factor/whatever is right up there.

NB, tip for new players - feed her some wine/champagne before busting out the ham sandwiches.

1: Cut a hole in a box
2: Put your junk in that box
3: Make her open the box

Picnic is good… Nice selection of tasty cheeses, rośe wine ( keep it cold ) is always popular with the ladies at this time of year, some berry fruits and a half desent blanket, a pair of real wine glasses is a good idea too plastic cups is easy but not trying very hard.

Don’t buy carnations either… Infact don’t buy them for girl ever. They are funeral flowers, very bad move.

If you don’t feel roses then Tulips and Oriental lilies are always winners


That move would have me sleeping under the stars all alone with my dog.

Great suggestion but men’s ideas of threesome’s and women’s ideas of threesomes aren’t always the same.

w/w/m m/w/m

If you don’t set the bar too high too early you have your whole life to peak :wink:

Haha the ladies like the Eiffel tower…

I did a Moonlight Cinema once with a few ciders and a nice spread of deli treats followed by suprise icecream which i kept frozen in a secret ice bag stashed in my backpack… was a good night and in the end, the Rom Com I had to sit through was worth it.

Warhammer battle.

HMC wins

Only if He changes it to 40k…

+1. a true romantic.

valentines day is going to rule this year

I reckon those Eldar banshee’s would go alright…