Vanilla in Burma contact

newb here… came looking for Industrie bike info… glad I did… won’t need to look that direction again :smiley:

in the thread about the Industrie $99 deal came across a mention of being able to get custom Vanillas direct from the factory in Burma for like $200… does anyone have any contact details for this

cheers from southOz

excellent first post.

Instant trade access as a reward maybe?
At least he’ll get an opportunity at a real bike straight up. :wink:

ha ha ha wish I had thought of that myself :smiley:

would def help as having a pain trying to find a decent bike real cheap… real broke cheap ass here…

building is an option but considering I have to fudge my way through anything mechanical may not be the best way and then knowing what to buy is the next pain… so maybe best if someone with a better nose for this does the yards :smiley:

Pretty sure you misread something there… Vanilla are hand built in Portland by Sacha White. VISP frames on the other hand… try looking on eBay or searching for VISP on this here very forum. There’s more details about them there.

what Jay-Zee said…

that is what I thought too until I read the following…,10831.msg103055.html#msg103055

The JAMS said…

“you can actually buy a Vanilla Bicycles custom from their factory in Burma for around $200, including phil hubs!”

doesn’t look like a misread to me :smiley:

[EDIT] didn’t read my messages before I posted that one did I :oops: :oops:
The JAMS replied to me to say it was a joke in the thread… fuck you guys are harsh :smiley: :smiley:

my work here is done :lol: i must away!


remember about 6 months ago we were making jokes about confused international students coming to the forums asking about the “$50 aerospokes” people were (jokingly) talking about…?

Would you like to buy a bridge? I have one for sale.

Seriously, you need a personal purchasing manager if you believed you can get a Vanilla with Phil Woods for $200.

to be fair, if he was look for info on an industrie bike, i don’t think ANY of the brand names mean a damn thing to him.

or even what the term “hub” means.

+1 - also he does have one of the best first posts ever -

Therefore he’s pretty much untouchable untill he posts the Macaskill video.

geez some of you are full of shit…

just never knew anything specific about Industrie other than their wannabe threads and bags… just because someone doesn’t know every single friggin brand out there doesn’t mean that brands are lost…

and with the Vanilla… whose to say that some shit doesn’t come out of a sweat shop with a neat name and shopfront… knew they were great handbuilt shit… just ya never know if ya can get a good shop’s gear direct… just thought I had missed something somewhere

and we are not all as bright as some stars are we…


Welcome to! Don’t take anything too seriously and you’ll fit in fine.

Sacha White is Vanilla 100%. If there’s a sweatshop, he’s the one sweating over the torch. When the waitlist is that long (see also Richard Sachs, who no longer takes orders, JP Weigle, Brian Bayliss…) it’s pretty clear that it’s not mass produced.

Since you have been granted “trading access” as a result of the “best first post ever”, have a look at the Cell bike threads. Not a big name, but little prices.
Oh and welcome.

cool… didn’t quite expect that… but thanx guys…

those who know me know I just let shit fly right over the top… whooosh! :smiley: so no offense is taken in the slightest :mrgreen:

this place you have here has already helped me helps…

cheers and ava good one

what size is it…? and does it need a paint job?

Therefore he’s pretty much untouchable untill he posts the Macaskill video.

can I now post it… :smiley:

only if you wish to have the shortest trading access period ever…