Vans at 5:10am

yeah, it was early, but I couldn’t sleep this morning. Jumped on my fixie to ride out to the bay and back, on the way out the roads were free from traffic except for one lone van that was tailgating me, honking his horn and yelling abuse. The was wynnam road, so two lane road either way so absolutely no reason for the behaviour. Usually I would yell back, swear lots, ready for fisty-cuffs etc…but this time, I said nothing, and to be honest was kinda getting freaked it. He followed me for almost 5kms, and only went around me when I met up with other riders along the road. No I didn’t get he number plate, cause I am a dumbarse…

Anyone have similar experience? I have never had harrasement for that long…


he was probably trying to warn you about the axxe weilding maniac on your pillion seat :wink:

no, never that long… funny they left once you found other riders

Maybe he was my ‘team car’ and yelling at me to go faster, and if I wanted either a new bidon, jacket, arm warmers, energy gel etc etc.

Sadly I didn’t see my name painted anywhere on the road…

Too me this spells cowardiace
some pissed bloke with dutch courage getting his jollies throwing abuse at a lone rider

next time, ask him how his day is going to be considering how agro he currently is at 6am in the morning!! :wink:

I think you did the right thing, not yelling abuse back at him.

I think that rarely achieves anything useful, especially if you’re on your own in the middle of nowhere.

I thought they kept the freaks locked up until 8:30, just in time to clutter the roads with even more abusive, arrogant, selfish, demeaning, on their high horse, sack-touching, hypocritical, stressed out feline friendly folk.

Crykee-by-jingoes, this world is really messed up. :?

I was hoping for early-morning shoes, but oh well.

I would have stopped before five kay’s and let him sort himself out.

I was expecting shoes as well.

If I feel like someone is getting heated, I’ll just stop and wait for them to move on. Stop a safe distance from them of course. Not much point in working someone up who is already worked up.

You can never tell a psycho until they stab you.