Velo day

hey all, this sunday 3PM nerang velodrome having a small social pedal around the velodrome nothing major just chilled out

all welcome

more at

i’m heading down dude looking forward to it

riding down?

nah, i’ll train it i think, want to put in some laps, although i could be convinced

come down guys, we’ll do a few races etc and just hang at the velo

fastest lap gets a of the velo gets a prize

a dink to the pub on the tandem? OMG bring the tandem, track tandem TTs holy shit

holy shit yea, it on a polo ratio but shit balls ill bring it

sunday is polo day!!!

do a clip bra


is that like “do a skid” but instead u unclip then re-engage?

or instead of “do a skid” you unload an uzi?

do a flip bra

Turn around the overleaf bread stick back up shazza’s teeter top

Drops, Bullhorns, Risers, Jerseys, Tight pants, Clipless pedals are all welcome come sunday.