Velo Orange order

Might do an order. Not sure exactly what for yet, but I’ll order as soon as I’m ready. If there are any small parts (not frames or wheels) you’re after that you can’t get elsewhere, pm me a link and I’ll add it to the cart and split the postage. No due date. If you’re too late, tough luck. I’m usually pretty slow with this stuff though.

Did you pre empt this:

This changes everything.

What’s the general consensus on the VO decaleurs? I’m glacially moving towards a rando bag setup for the gunnar…

In the interests of full disclosure, I may have managed to get what I need without making this order. I’ll reassess tonight, but I may pull out of making this order.

Classic Pete.


Probably make a Ben’s order instead, so there’s that. Need Nitto instead of VO.

Pretty sure Andy needs some Nitto struts.