velocity or soma somax hub's

which hubs should i get on the b43’s im getting
is one better than the other
i like the somax because i can run two different sized cogs


Not sure out of those two, but depending on your riding and the spoke count you want, I got a pair of these off ebay for about $80 delivered and have seen them listed many times. They have better bearings and I wanted 28/28 so suited me perfect. They are really really nice, but aren’t made to take punishment from tricks or gutter jumping I would guess. Having said that, as I am light (63kg) I do abuse them and jump gutters etc.

I just ordered a b43 set from bells with somas, have velocity hubs now, they spin beautifully with no maintenance over a year. Wanted to try out the somas and liked that they have double fixed.

Why can’t you just run two different sized cogs on a Velocity hub? They come in Fixed/Free and Fixed/Fixed. There’s honestly not a heap of difference between them. I’ve been a big fan of Velocity hubs for a while now; the bearings are silky smooth, they’re pretty cheap, and they seem to be pretty strong. The Soma hubs however, do come in sweet colours.

thanks for the replys

i will get the soma somax hubs