Velodrome F200 records?

I’m trying to find out what the records are for flying 200’s at various velodromes, in particular Blackburn, but any in general are of interest.

We don’t know what the fastest F200 is at Blackburn, Eddie Wilson’s done a 12.10 in the TSSS in a heat and Jeremy Mclay did a 12.16 as a standalone F200, and Nicko (John Nicholson, BBN president & former world professional sprint champion) didn’t know when I asked him.

I’m casting the net wide to see if I can find any more info on this, are there any old timers here who saw Martin Vinnicomb (sp?) there ripping it up and can remember times etc? Or even Nicko? He would have been quick …

Andrew Steele 11.96 at a BBN club championship
Prior to that it was David Haase, 12.00

11.96! WOW. Any idea what year that was set?

I mentioned it to Jeremy tonight and he said “yeah I bet it was back when the concrete was smooth” hehe. He also said something about the wind being just right. :slight_smile:

You after world or aussie records?

I think John Kennedy still holds an outdoor F200 record, 10:405 set in 1991 at Colorado Springs, but I’m happy to be corrected.

Incorrectly listed as being from the USA at:

When Steelie did it he had aero wheels (disk rear, maybe a hed3 front, I’m not sure) which Big J hasn’t used, that’s got to be worth a 10th or so … Big J’s not that far off it and hasn’t had ideal wind, and yes, the track is a bit in need of TLC, but not such that it would make much difference, I suspect, the racing line is good.

It was set at a BBN club championship in 2004 I think. Might have been '03. I’m not 100% on that.