velotoze order #ontrend

Cause I wanna be as cool as you guys and I wanna continue riding to work through winter, I am gonna order some velotoze

$15 for longies
$11 for lil ones

Postage is $10. I’ll grab them either way. Just seeing if anyone wants a pair?


It’s Brisbane.

In winter.

A cup of concrete would be more realistic.

Just saying.


I don’t cope well with cold feet geoff :frowning:

It’s all about the aero gains and looking cool in the coffee shop anyway

S’ok, I grew up in Victoria, coping with the cold is inbuilt for me.

Brisbane winters are a piece of cake for me :slight_smile:

Beautiful one day, cold little pinky toes the next

I like the concept of them and a lot of the guys I ride with have them and love them. Thought about getting some but if I wear these it’s because it’s raining, which means I would have had to leave the house either while it’s raining or expecting rain - and that just doesn’t happen for me.

If it’s for commuting it will take longer to put them on then the actual ride,
That being said though I will be getting some for the sub 5 deg or cold and wet days in Melbourne otherwise I use Rapha overboots with zipps or defeat over socks as the take 30sec to put on

Get the full suit for #maxwarm and #maxaero

not man

i’ll have a short pair in black ayyyy thanks

so its you kents who are causing me endless dayzzzzzz of picking this shit!

who am i kidding, ill be getting fluro pink ones for sure.

Immediate thoughts:

In the Mighty Boosh episode “The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox”, the Crack Fox asks Vince to move his galoshes before sitting down, referring to a pair of used condoms he calls “squishy boots”.