Venture south - social gravel grind

Social gravel grind to get ready for the up coming CX season.
Roll out at 7am from Good Day Coffee. All welcome. BYO CX bike

Good Day Coffee - 3/476 Gold Coast Highway, Tugun, Queensland 4224, Australia


Are you riding Bennett or just organising from a distance?

ride runs parallel with a train line

this sounds awesome

What kinda terrain is mixed terrain? 25mm tyres on roadie enough? havn’t dialed in the SSCX gearing just yet

any chance of getting a rough guide on the route?

route to be reviled on the day, (still finalizing the route)

Expect at least 20/25k or more on gravel / dirt roads

risk it for the biscuit! there will be hills so gears are needed, CX bike would be better

risk it for the biske

Think we’ll need to organise cars to get down and back, ultimate sin I know but I don’t think I can be bothered doing the 90 odd kms on cross tyres just to get there, soft I know, but fuck it, be good to get some solid committment up here so we can get out shit together, I’m in.

I’m out. Away for work. Spewin’

Did a shakedown yesterday, there should be at least two full gravel segments around 10k each.

You will need a CX bike as some of the gravel sections are almost 29er MTB Territory plus the roads getting there are pretty average with potholes so a cx bike will take the edge off.

I smashed through one bottle so id rock two, food and spares

I’m driving and can take one…

Yea I forgot to say there isn’t a train early enough to get down


looks like a good day

So who from brisbane is up for this?

Myself, Scott, Jesse ( maybe ) Jordy, brad,

Thanks to all who came out

Was a good day. Thanks again Bennett and Mr. Kook for organising the ride.