Vetta Max! - Perth Gumtree!

dont see this every day, pity the scheme is a bit meh

VETTA MAX Italian Racing Bike Going Cheap | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Joondalup Area - Duncraig

$450 For a rusty 105 equipped Vetta is pushing things IMO, even if it is Columbus Max. My LBS sold out the last of their early 90s Vetta framesets for that kind of money early last year.

Also I would advise close checking, the paint and prep is utterly woeful on them and if its visibly rusty, its definitely rusting underneath.

agree completely, if cheap enough it might be worth a new paint job though. Looks a tad big for me else i wouldve done some serious low balling

Fair buying at that price. Brifter 105 groupset with wheels is worth $200 in that condition.

One of the brifters is busted though!