Vic Goldfields Trail

Anyone bikepacked it? Part or all? Can it be done?
Just spitballing for now, considering taking a lot of long service leave next year and having some adventures.

i was just talking about this a coupla days ago. reckon WCP or mikdee will have some info for ya. i wouldn’t mind havin a crack at it this summer too, just gotta borrow some bags for the MTB & wait for all my various knee ailments to settle down.

i was told that doin it over 4 days would be about right.

Can do it in three days easy. I’ve only done the full ride all the way thru once, Ballarat to Bendigo I did it with my dad for his 60th. We stayed in accommodation but you could camp it easy to.

Done overnighters plenty, either Gisborne to Daylesford then Castlemaine or Bendigo to Castlemaine etc.

Best MTBing is Daylesford to Castlemaine.

mike is on the money, can be done in 1 real long say, best thing is 2 goid days. only 3 if u want to walk/explore. me & a mate did 30km to daylesford then 60 to harcourt, fairly easy… i was on SS 27.5+ tyres. pack dairly light, u dont need much.

im planning doing 90km sunday from gisborne train station to trentham 4 lunch then return to the train line if interested

I get mixed opinions on this, but for anyone who has ridden it recently - is it able to be done on a CX bike (~35mm rubber)?

My WIP rescue project MTB is still a ways off being reliable, so my primary off-road option at present is my CX bike.

you can do it a fair bit but i wouldn’t be doing it all on cx -i have ridden most of the daylesford-castleimaine section on cx [to be honest not that comfortable && you are treading carefully to look after the gear, MTB is much more enjoyable]

  • my advice to look after your gear is to get off & hike a bike sections when on cx -i don’t advise it for a non-experienced MTb’er, don’t ride cx tyrex -they’re mostly too soft & light weight, get strong commuter 35mm’s…& id say tubeless is a must–have seen people slash tyres out there -even mtb ones. the stuff south of daylesfods is generally ok -avoid after wet weather -the skinny tyres won’t cope [as the racetotherock peeps found out_i think sarahH went down a few times in the mud]