Vic Helmet Laws

So it just got announced by Vic Roads that motorcycle helmets with European (ECE) rating approval are legal in Victoria.
Anyone know if a similar change is likely with bicycle helmets? Makes sense that credible helmet standards become universal.
The Catlikes etc from EU are so much cheaper.

hearsay is that it’s only motorcycle helmets because there are very few options for large helmets with AS/NZS certification.

but yes:

Bicycle helmet testing standards are so low it baffles me how a china mass produced reid lid is ok but a high end one isn’t.

biltwell gringo here i come. aldi got cheap moto gear this sat too if you want leather chaps ALDI special buys™ new range every Wednesday and Saturday

Yep. Now we have to wear motorcycle helmets.

They’re not low, they’re just not relevant to actual cycling and related accidents.

Why not Bell Bullitt?
Looks like it’s a better helmet all over, obviously priced more though.

The Gringo doesn’t have the Euro certification. But there’s a few other approved ones hat look similar.

But yeah, $5 7-11 Melbourne Helmets don’t make sense. Seeing as the helmets are made for road users (bicycle and motorbike), I would’ve thought if one standard was approved then both should be.

Also disappointed there are no leather chaps at Aldi. I took the bait.