Vic short break, wife and toddler - geniune last minute options?

Hi FoAers

I was planning on going to an awesome medieval camping event in Sydney over the Easter weekend, but other shit has come up to stop that.

So now I find myself with 3 days of extra leave, Wed 12/4 to Tues 18/4. My wife and I would like to take a short break and escape the city for a few days, but have no idea where.

We are thinking of leaving after I finish work on Tuesday, driving to wherever and staying until Saturday morning.

We have a 1 year old bub, so have to factor him into any activities. That being said, we like a bit of gentle bushwalking with the three of us, historical towns, shopping (but not too much) and I am more into food than she is. Bub sleeps in bed with us, so a queen bed room would suit. Unfortunately camping is out as a result.

If we can find something where he can be watched/entertained for a day so we can actually interact as a couple, that would be awesome.

Are there any genuine “last minute” accommodation websites - like, we don’t care where we go as long as it is within about 3 hours drive of the northern suburbs.
If not, can anyone suggest somewhere affordable for a few nights? I have been thinking Walhalla, King Valley, High Country, Bendigo/Ballarat/Daylesford? I grew up in Sydney, so I have no idea where might be good in Vic.

airbnb? search by availability?

Have had a crack at that, a few decent options, but struggling to decide somewhere to actually go. We are both procrastinators/overthinkers, which makes it difficult.

I’ll make the decision for you, go to Apollo Bay.
Great ice cream, nice beach, Great Ocean Walk is very scenic, so is Mariners Lookout.
I’m not sure how baby friendly everything is, but I’ve seen babies down there, so it can’t be too bad.
If it is warm, the beach is nice. If it is cold, the beach is still great for walking along or if you get a place with a view, nice place for family hang outs by a fire/heater/heat source.
Head out the back from Geelong to Forrest and then down into Apollo Bay, it is a pretty easy drive.

Carpark at Crown? They have good cctv coverage while you’re off doing the couple thing

Great on a hot day, too.

Daewoo sauna

I suggest Bright although will be busy with school holidays and Easter.

It should be big enough to have most facilities you need including some sort of babysitting (ask when you book accom). Bright gives good autumn and is close to mountain for walking etc. You should be able to hire bikes and ride sealed rail trail to visit a few wineries (maybe with bub on back).