[VIC] What's your fav bikepacking campsite?

Hey VIC bikepackers,
what are your favourite campsites for bikepacking overnighters? I know there is a smorgasbord of knowledge here from all the MGGers.

The thing that can really ruin bikepacking for me is sharing campsites with obnoxious 4wders blasting shitty doof doof and leaving woodstock cans everywhere.

Looking for some good no-car-access spots to have a weekender with a nice campfire if lockdown ever ends. So far have Freemans Mill.

There are a couple of ride/walk in campsites on the Goldfields track, the one I remember is on Leanganook track after the water race section heading north towards Bendigo end, no water but would a be a short ride from Bendigo.

There is a walk/ride in campsite at the Ada tree. No toilet or water from memory but short ~1km ride to the toilets at the carpark.

Otherwise I know people have booked ‘walk in’ Great Ocean Walk campsites at Johanna beach on weekdays (don’t think it’s cool on weekends or long weekends) to get away from the cars.

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I haven’t explored extensively or anything, but I enjoyed camping here a few times with my little kid. We got the train to Castlemaine and rode from there. It’s not far at all. Nice little campsite that almost certainly won’t have cars. Not toilets or anything. Nothing at all amenity wise. Vaughan Springs just up the road has toilets and maybe even bbqs though, and a really long fun slide

That Johanna Beach campsite looks amazing. French Island also looks like good cruisy fun.

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Actually, yes French island is really good. No fires and can be mozzies but no cars and a nice site

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plus one for French island, look for all the unregistered cars!

maybe too spooky tho.

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The parking lot on the island side of the ferry is great. Rusted out ute trays full of tinnies.

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Ha - this is the last place I went before lockdown! Great spot with plenty of good riding around. And sweet pubs in Castlemaine for the end. And johnny baker when you hop off the train