Victoria the nation's top bicycle state..

dunno, just found this interesting. .

Victoria the nation’s top bicycle state | Herald Sun

“Victoria has 20,000 more regular bike riders than NSW.”
maybe the lack of hills and better bike lanes in vic?!?!?

There was a similar article in ‘The Age’ yesterday — see yesterday’s ‘hooray for bikes’ thread started by rolly ( ).

There was also an article on page 3 of ‘The West Australian’ today titled ‘WA leads the nation for bike use’. Unfortunately, I can’t find the article on-line. However, bits of it say:

West Australians are ahead of the pack when it comes to getting on our bikes, with 22 per cent of us cycling at least once a week”.

“[An Australian Bicycle Council survey] found 18 per cent of Australians cycle each week, with higher rates in WA, the Northern Territory and the ACT. NSW had the lowest rate at 15 per cent

Lies and damn statistics.

At least the newspapers are writing positive articles about cycling.

Not sure if I prefer this take over the classic or not. I’d say at least half of me does.

Where is the meta-data!? Herald Sun, give us reposnse rates, give us question wording, give us sample design. I’m sure SKM would’ve published it all.

It’s (generally) not the statistics that mislead, its the reporting of them.

JP — belated apologies to the spirits of Benjamin Disraeli and Samuel Clemens (“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics”).

You will find all of the data on the survey that is available on-line here - . If you want to anaylse it yourself, then go for your life.

The newspapers in each state seem to have looked for something in the survey results that relates to their readership (see also Australian Bicycle Council survey shows more Ipswich residents ride bikes compared with Queensland, Australian average | News, events and sport for Ipswich | Courier Mail and - NSW struggles to get into gear as bicycle usage lags behind other states and Tassie cyclists ride for fun Tasmania News - The Mercury - The Voice of Tasmania and Four million Aussies ride bikes | Emerald Health | Fitness and Medical News in Emerald | Central Queensland News etc). Luckily, aside of the SMH, they’ve all chosen to report good news for once.

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