I dunno, am I the only one who gets bored about 30 seconds into those kind of videos?

That said, the no handed wheelie through the intersection was pretty bullshit good.

I just got back from a flatland BMX comp… and all i can say is that video has got nothing on a 14yo from Dandenong.


I agree, some are more worth sitting through than others.

See what you think about the Freedom Lab Promo -

Yeah points for the wheelie through the intersection without getting owned by a bus

What was that island in the pacific? You know… The one where the US had an airstrip during WW2. When they left, the natives constructed their own air base out of wood and coconuts - they even had coconut radios (this is all third-hand), but for some reason the planes carrying goods never came back…

This is so true :slight_smile:
It’s like fixie riders aren’t aware that BMX has been around for about 40 years…
Still the <a href=“”>Throw Some D’s</a> soundtrack is hot! In case you’re wondering, it’s a <a href=“”>Switch</a> sample!

sorry, completely irrelevant**

oh yeah, you were right about the freedom lab promo.
i lasted 40 seconds before i got bored shitless.
fixie movies are like mountain bike movies, most of them consist of 5-10 mins of really sketchy camera work, on a dodgy digital camera, either a trance or thrash soundtrack, and it always comes out as “what me and my drunk mates did this weekend”.
if you want to see a decent fixie/messenger movie get a look at Delph Respect, and a good mountain bike one is either Roam, or The Collective.
Delph is a series of interviews done by a philly messenger as he travels round the world. camera work is a bit average, but at least he knows how to frame a shot, and his interviews are interesting.
roam and the collective are quite simply the best mountain bike movies i’ve ever seen. shot with 35mm film stock, not digital. awesome shoot style using rail trolley and fixed wire techniques. no random drunken crap. just good locations, great riding and a good linking between the sections. has a really good soundtrack that actually shows some thought about what the music should mean in themovie. stuff by slackstring and latch key kid are standouts.

no we just need someone to actually put some thought into a fixie movie and not just go film their mates some saturday.

<a href=“”>Okinawa</a>?

WTF? Thankyou Mr Geography Teacher :evil:

Yeah, Roam and The Collective are both top quality movies. Highly recommended to anyone who hasn’t seen them.


id much rather see people going fast in traffic than riding basketball courts doing wheelie barspins. :mrgreen:
i can appreciate the skill though

I had a video years ago made by a guy in Melb, I think it featured Dart couriers. Anyway heaps of interviews and tram-splitting but mostly one guy’s last day on the job after he had saved enough to buy a block in Byron. There was a sequel, the doco-maker went up and visited the guy to see how he was getting on…he had stopped taking his medicine!

Anyone seen it/know what I’m talking about?

How bout this??

i think you forgot the link!!!

AWWW SHITT!! you go:

Thats quite good, i love the on board shots.

Only thing is Im not too sure the guy on the bike is a courier. He stopped for a red light, I did’nt think they knew how to do that :evil:

Nice "camera on the rear axle’ shot.