Viking frames -- lugged, 1" threaded, reynolds

Looks like the guy from Alien bikes has stopped making Aliens and started making these:

Viking Cycles | store

Now in Reynolds tubing (not sure which), fancier dropouts and nice chrome touches. Look very nice for a new lugged frame with 1" threaded fork.

They’re looking quite nice. I love my Alien.

I want this.

Yep they look good.
For the money the chrome frame is very reasonable and i’ve been toying with the idea of Vikings frame for my next build.
Id go chrome frame, Velocity teak finish and hardwood bars.

They look awesome!

Try and google “Alienbikes review”. There’s some issues about the track ends that are still unresolved.

And if anyone knows anything about Vikings, please let us know here.

What are the issues? I’ve had mine for about eight months now, thrashed the crap out of it and had no problems.

I have read that they had some issue with the rear drop-outs being angled up on some frames. But I don’t quite understand the problem with that really – how would it affect the ride or the integrity of the frame??

I’ve generally read good things about the Alien frames.

I don’t own an Alien. I just read some reviews on them. Good to know that Alien have no issues on the rear drop-outs. Plus, just trying to be a little bit of a help here. People shouldn’t go jump on something like Alien or Vikings without any research. Cheers.

man that’s sexah!!!

my mate’s getting one soon

anyone know what reynolds tubing is being used?

Pics can be deceiving but they do look to be more inclined than usual, such that there would possibly be a noticeable difference in BB height/head angle along the axle adjustment. However this seems to be no impediment for road-fixie conversions everywhere.

Look neatly made and finished, reasonably priced. I too find it odd that they don’t specify which Reynolds tubeset it is.

A bit more angle would mean you don’t have to adjust the rear brake pads when moving the wheel.

Probably Reynolds 520, the cheap (but just fine) Cr-Mo tubeset used on Bikesdirect Merciers etc.

True, didn’t even consider brakes, could well be beneficial.

yeah that sounds about right.

wouldnt expect 531 or anything. i had no idea merciers were made from 520

Except it looks like they’re not drilled for a rear, and the angle isn’t much off horizontal, certainly not perpendicular to the seatstays.

they ain’t even drilled for a front, unless you’re a little bitch and ask for it that way :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

and didn’t Alien used to make frames bigger than 59 c-c? arses.

i think its nice they arent drilled

maybe people are getting smaller?
or people in norway are small…

i think these all come out of maxway cycles in taiwan, same place that does surly and many others. should be no issues with quality i think.

the viking has much nicer track ends on it than the alien etc. i like. wish they’d do something better with the seattube/toptube/seatstay lug however.

mines a “61” that measures as a 59cm.

I built up an alien frame about a year ago, and for the price aesthetically the only issue was the shit looking drops, which looks like they have hit on the head.

I ordered a raw frameset from them, and opened the box to find a white powdercoated frame. I was a little pissed at first, then found a few headsets in the box that i didnt order or pay for, which I sold for cheap. Then with conclusion of not needing to get my frame painted, settled with the thought of a white bike which saved a few $$

It hasnt done big km’s but ive treated it rough and its held up a treat.