Vintage and boutique bike stores in Tasy?

Hi Guys,
im about to goto Tasy in a few weeks to check out the Mona…
I wanted to know if there were any good bike stores to take a look at who specialise in non mainstream bike stuff? More of a boutique, retro, vintage frame of mind…

Nope. Tasmania really doesn’t have the population to support those kind of shops. Appleby’s has a bit of old stuff kicking around in cabinets and what-not, but that’s probably as close as you’ll get.

…and it’s Tassie, not Tasy.

Returned from Tassie, beautiful place and will be returning for a camp expedition with my own bike… Found it hard to find any bike shops, heaps of hills, love it girls are forced to have good legs from hiking!

Ya Muppet.