Vintage Bikes Perth

hey guys

does anyone know if there are any bike shop that sell vintage bikes in WA


or parts :slight_smile:

im pretty sure pal and panther in north perth do
not sure if they are any good though

i know guilford cycles has an un organised upstairs part to their shop with many vintage and nos parts.

PM me if you’re after frames

i heard there was one in fremantle too

im really just after parts to go on my swansea 1950s track frame :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers for the info btw guys

you think a shop is gonna have parts to suit a 50’s track bike at a price that you can afford :roll:

Rem, if you ever want to sell your frame, Spirito’s your man :sunglasses:

i dont think i caould ever sell it jase…its so beautiful :stuck_out_tongue:

might go have a look around and see what the cost of it would be to get sparyed today

aslo might be getting some campy record cranks put on…

but the main reason i want to ge to these shops is to find out what paint schemes looked like in that era :mrgreen:

Well … you gotta edumacate yourself. Get to know other collectors, subscribe to other forums, there’s a lot of info on the interwebs and there are many excellent publications and journals like the Boneshaker which is put out by the V-CC and is included in the price of membership

also …

You’re not going to find out anything without expending some effort. There is no shop selling what you’re looking for. Knowledge is something that isn’t always easily attained.

cheers just had a look

What kind of helmets are they??

Cinelli hair-nets?