Vintage Chapelli...

Just found this White Steel Fixie Frame

Vintage Chapelli…

Does anyone want to send them a message and tell them its vintage by only a year or two?

That weld in the Chapelli decal pic is atrocious.

The frame is in very good condition for its age (take a closer look at pics) and looks to have been repainted at some stage.

He really thinks it is old, doesn’t he?

Message sent. FFS it even has a sticker on it with the chappeli website. If the guy actually thinks it is old, he is an idiot. If not he’s a **** and also a fucking idiot.

A tool he may be for that listing, but look at this gem he’s got listed Colnago SLX Master Frameset - Starting at 0.99c (eBay item 270663209226 end time 23-Nov-10 20:00:47 AEDST) : Sport

Well the seller was quite polite in their response:

Given that they are also selling the Colnago, they’re probably just a random mass-seller.

maybe someone should tell him how to use a tape measure too, 61cm top tube??

yep, juses christ. i think the first weld i ever did was better than that…