Vintage clincher options,

So i have a few questions im building some wheels and need to bounce a few things of the brains trust,
I am about to build some new wheels for my Tommasini pista and am after some rims,
My question is how these rims perform? are they strong enough and do they build up ok?
and do they hold tyres as well as the new rims?
These are what im considering.

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The other option is mavic open pro cd or silver or tb14 but would prefer period.
Thanks Dayne

mavic g-40 are pretty sexy, that is all i have to say

I’ve got Mavic Module E’s on my McBain which I built up. They were made to suit a particular type of Michelin tyre which failed miserably, but I’ve had no problems with the Panaracers I put on them.

Some old rims are hard to get perfectly true at the joint, and my rear has a slight wobble at this spot.

I polished mine as they were second hand and had plenty of ‘fair wear and tear’, and now I find that the eyelets develop surface rust quite quickly.

The G 40’s are excellent, love the Wolbers, too.

Just buy the vintage rim decals attached to modern rims. Rims, brakes and tyres have come a long way in 20 or 30 years, so have shoes/pedals … the old stuff looks good but doesn’t compare to what’s available now. Of the vintage clincher rim options I’d say mavic Ma2’s are worth the effort but they’re much too wide to look legit on a period track bike.

Or use tubulars !!!

Tb14’s in hard ano! De badge and sticker or leave em.


Are ambrosio nemesis ever built up for track because theyre super sweet. Is that allowed by the fixed illuminati?

Just not sure about running narrower 21mm tyres on a 23mm rim.

Might just go my Mavic tubs.
Open pro’s and tb14 both look a little big

I agree, no such thing as 23mm wide rims on the track back then.

My poor self used gp4’s in the late 80’s. Not the lightest but you get a few years out of them on the track and they took a licking on the bumpy open concrete banks. Some guys were running GEL330’s and 280’s but you’d look a dick if you weren’t fast using those.

Yeah I have a 36h set of gp4 and fiamme reds,
Are the gels Just lighter?

run the gels, then you can eat both your bar tape and your rims when you’re bonked out

yes, 420g (approx.) for gp4’s, 340 (Gel330’s), 300 (Gel280’s).

The 280’s are really too light imo.

Campyoldy - Campagnolo parts and accessories for ‘vintage’ cycles | Stock File

have a good amount of vintage clinchers in stock

unless your velodrome is the arenberg trench it is a bit pointless

So good for many of victorias suburban and country velodromes then…

This is you realise?

weeelll, the point about the Arenburg trench is well made, but there is a counterpoint.

As usual Spirito is correct, and unless you’re a lightweight you might find some of those light rims just too damn light and flexy on the track. A flexing front rim on fast boards is a scary thing and I’d always prefer a little more meat to add stability to the bike at speed. I’ve even found an Araya CT 19 to be a bit loose on the front end at times.

Not GEL330, GL330. I think G is the shape, L means light and EL means extralight.