Vintage Pinarello and an Introduction!

Hey, name’s Daniel, I’m currently a Highschool student in NSW and as you can tell from this, I’m very inexperienced to this whole new hobby i’ve come across. In other words i’m a noob. :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyways, long story short.

I recently purchased a Pinarello… Prestige… (Half arse guess). The very first owner I believe, stripped the original paint and powdercoated it into a soft baby blue with the bottom bracket intact. (Biggest pain in the ass)
I didn’t like it at all. Yep, not one bit. So I stripped the paint, soft sanded the frame, cleaned it up, took it to the bike shop and had them remove the bottom bracket. (They even had trouble taking the bottom bracket out).

The pictures - Library Slideshow by Gooomi | Photobucket

Past is the past, but it really was a bad idea to have it stripped a second time, huh?

Now, the question i’ve been meaning to ask. A question that’ll cause feuds with other members on this thread. A question that’ll make you think not twice but 3 times… :stuck_out_tongue:

What colour should I make it? And where should I take it to, to have it painted?



where in NSW? if sydney and got some cash/time, take it to star enamellers.

as for colour, google and pick what tickles ya

I’ve always wanted to paint a frame a dark burgundy.

I’ve always wanted pearl white

Painter’s radio or gtfo.

Sorry about the shitty photo.

fluro is euro

Pearl white is all class. Maybe even pearl cream.

I second the Star Enamelers recommendation. They did the paint on my roadie and it’s very very nice indeed. A bunch of people I know have used them and it’s thumbs up all round.

You bought an original unused Pinarello Prestige, stripped it and powdercoated it?

Oh the humanity!

You win today’s honorary “Horatio award for lack of comprehension”.

Yeah fair enough :slight_smile:

I’ll take my shirt off now.

Gonna start calling you snowflakehhhh

QFT. Pay the $400 and get it painted properly, and you’ll get your money back eventually. Or like, me, you’ll paint the frame, then it will look pretty in your lounge room for 4 years unridden.

But if I get to taking pictures sometime soon my Frejus is champagne sparkle/off white and gold.

Actually fuck it. Take it to Mr Kleen, get it powdercoated a sweet colour for $50 bucks.

…Or, buy some etch primer, a few cans of Duplicolour from Autobarn and some good clear coat and do it yourself, wont be as ‘hard’, and will scratch, but let the next owner do a full resto, otherwise you will never ride it.

That’s a gorgeous frame, Goomi, and yes it is definitely a Prestige S.

Why don’t you replicate the original colour? The one in the catalogue was yellow with black decals which could look pretty hot:

Or browse the '82 Pinarello catalogue and see if any of the colours float your boat: - /pics/bike/Catalogs/pinarello/

Or there was this one over at the BNA forums which was a gun metal grey - pretty tidy:

BNA - Australian Cycling Forums • View topic - Help Identify early 80’s Pinarello please?

Or for a bit of inspiration this dude stripped the paint off his 90’s chromoveto and sandblasted the Pinarello ‘decals’ into the chrome:

Full Chrome '88 Pinarello Montello

What’s the serial number? A281?

Do you have the original fork?

I’m gonna put in a vote for modern groupset on this baby.

I’m with P!N. I’d try to go with an original colour.

I’m thinking we probably can’t get too carried away - dude’s in high school - a modern groupset and top-notch paint and chrome might be of a stretch?

But, unless you’re Richie Rich, my vote is to put as much $ as you can into paint before parts. And get some decals from cycolomondo: CYCLOMONDO - Pinarello decals

Fair point. I reckon old Pinarellos are a bit special so if I couldn’t afford a proper respray I’d probably sell it and find something less special.

^^ If you do get decals, make sure you get the ones with the single ‘Pinarello’ on the seat tube - the doubles were for when there was bottle cage mounts on the seat tube which didn’t come along until about '85.

I’ve always liked a powdercoated finish in a soft baby blue, why don’t you try that?