Vintage Road frame

Hey all,

I want some advice on getting a vintage road frame to build up after seeing a beautiful Tommasini recently. I originally looked at Tommasini and Colnago but price was partly the prob followed by finding my size (I’m 6’4). Ideally I’d like it to be columbus tubing with not to much work required on the frame (i.e. no rust and paint in ok cond).

I found this bike which would fit - Vintage RIH Vienna Basso Road Bike Frame Fork 63cm Campagnolo Columbus SLX | eBay
I am wondering what peoples thoughts on it are? and what would be a good price to offer on it/what should or shouldn’t I pay for it?

Any input would be greatly appreciated!


No idea about the frame but that is a sweet rough collie in the background.

wow, you actually know what breed it is. i have one, 99.96% of the general public call it “a lassie dog”. mine does not sit still for photos. sorry OP, carry on.

Sweet frame. RIH are from Amsterdam and some what sort after. This is a really nice example, good paint, great tubing and panto’s. I’d try and snag it a little cheaper as you are going to get stung with a the $80USD postage.

It’s austrian RIH not dutch RIH. I don’t really know why there are two manufacturers with the same name. still a nice frame though. it’d probably be better just to get a basso though right? i imagine badge engineered frames are worth less then the original brand frames?

as an afterthought, it’s probably not a bad idea to look at dutch frames, they are taller on average, you might have more luck.
try marktplaats

Thanks for the tips!

When I was working in Melbourne in 1987 I spotted a lovely secondhand RIH roady with Campy Record in a bike shop in Johnston Street Collingwood (some here might remember the shop - just east of the railway bridge). It was a bit small for me, so I said I’d be back in 15 minutes to measure it up.

When I came back 15 minutes later the the owner was back in the shop and the price had gone from $150 to $450. Ended up getting Gordon Hill to build a bike for me (for $1740 if I remember).

One of those bad calls. Like playing hardball with real estate agents trying to squeeze a bit more out of the seller - it only works half the time.

Agree with the Dutch thing. Tall and solid. Hard to go wrong. I haven’t seen an italian bike over 58 (but I haven’t seen it all, cause I’ve never seen a man eat his own head).

I have it was this Max tubed technotrat, i promptly bought it only to discover it had a cracked chain stay due to crap brazing

now riding a 62cm MultiShape Van Tuyl (dutch brand but maybe made by somec, has somec lugs)

You may struggle to find a dutch person willing to send of Marketplaats. I had trouble even buying them off people when I lived there! But they go for an absolute steal, a country where bikes are a part of everyones daily routine aged 0-85+ nice bikes dont share as much of a cult premium.

But +1 on all recommendations to Dutch frames, Batavus and Gazelle also make some nice frames, I had a particularly awesome 531 Batavus whilst over there (despite being bent from a front impact).

If you come across something on Marketplaats that is in Utrecht, or Nord Brabant (Eindhoven) then I have some friends who could potentially help post it over.

I put in an offer and can potentially get it delivered for about $600AUD delivered? Otherwise I look into dutch frames…? My main goal is nice paint with chrome forks, seat stays and possibly lugs, right size and columbus tubing.

Off topic, but how awesome a little town is Eindhoven drozzy!! Was there 6 years ago for a wedding, which just happened to be when the world cup football was on, the Dutch are stupid crazy for football! I have friends there.

plug here

buy whatever you want the most, in the end it’s only money. just remember to ride the snot out of it, you’ll love it more

I lived there for roughly 8/9 months.

Little being the operative word. In winter it is perhaps a bit too small.

Is a great place if your a mid-level executive for a dutch corporation and have money to burn on nice things. But for a student there isn’t much in the way of kultuur.

What about this? Paconi 90s steel frame fork SLX | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Ryde Area - Macquarie Park | 1040792802

get this

6’4"? 190-192cm ish? unless you have huuuuge legs I’d say the 63cm would be too big, I’m 191.5 and relatively normal proportions and roll a 59/60cm st c-c with about the same tt.
Do you want complete or just frame? ~budget?

What did you do with the max frame?

sold the fork to dubrat and frame to brakefree