Vintage swap meet Sunday 27th May

found this on BNA:

27th MAY Sunday - Vintage bike swap meet

In Willeton.

Ballsack. My mum is in town moving my sister around and I need to play chauffeur… Maybe I’ll be able to sneak down for a bit! No doubt there will be some Fred gold!


will be going

I’ll probably head down. Not that I need anything…

anyone going?

Don’t think I’ll make it. But I thought I’d let potentiol buyers know that someone on BNA is selling a nice roadie.
Tange Infinity Aero with Dura Ace Aero, Not sure on price…

I’m at the airport right now about to leave, and Cbf going. I already have a nice roadie and 2.5 sw8 fixzaysss so don’t really anything. Plus I’ll have to drive down. Bleeeerghhhh would rather ride.

not too much fixie stuff - mostly dragster parts.

in saying that there were some nice rodies for sale, as well as an almost all original Mavern Star 5 star. I picked up some campag wheels (70s suicide hubs laced to 80s rims)

^ glad I didn’t go then, plus I sold my car instead lol

^Cool gif, bro