Vinyl/Decals/Custom Artwork in Melbourne?

Hey all, I’ve already had a bit of a search around on the forum about this but couldn’t really find anything conclusive (and nothing recent).

Has anybody had any custom stickers or vinyl decals made for their frame?

I’m having a lot of trouble locating a printing place in the Melbourne inner-city/inner-suburbs area that will do them without requiring a minimum print run of like, 100 A4 sheets or so. There also seems to be a relative lack of off-the-shelf options.

I’m sure if I went into enough print places I’d find someone willing to do 1 or 2 A4 sheets, but if anyone knows and can save me the trouble of hoofing it out to printers just to have my hopes toyed with like a baby seal being tossed around in the ocean by playful killer whales, that’d be awesome.

what you after? just lettering?


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I’m making up my own logotype graphics and badges and that kind of thing, so ideally I’m after either a place that can print whatever I want onto 1 or 2 sheets of clear decal paper, or a place that sells sheets of that to print at home for a decent price.

So far the best options seem to be:
[li]Clear - Rub-on Decal - Decal Paper
[/li][li]clear rub on decal paper 5 sheets (Clear Rub On Decal Paper) ~ The Copier Company
[/li][li]eBay Australia Shop - Robin’s Eggcetera: Clear Inkjet Decal Paper, Clear Laser,Alps Copier Paper, White Laser,Alps Copier Paper
Of course, it only just occurred to me to search for that kind of stuff - I’ve been looking for vinyl options the whole time.

I’ll probably end up going with one of those, I guess - it just means I’ll wind up with a lot more of it than I need. If that’s the case I think I’ll see if a couple of people around the Melbourne city area want free custom artwork made up for their top tubes or something. Might as well spread the love!

that’s the spirit. if you want some vinyl cut, i can help you out.

Signarama will do custom vinyl decals.