Visiting for a week 20-27 June.

I’ll be down in Melbourne for 20-27 June.

I’ll have one of my track bikes with me, and am planning on racing at DISC on Tuesday night, and roobaix on the Sunday.

Any morning bunchies or any other rides worth going on while I am down. Keep in mind, I’ll be riding a sw8 njs fixie.

Will probably do #beachrd on the Saturday, but I’m open to all ideas.

I’m staying at Thorbury and am planning on having a coffee at everyday coffee, every day.

Bring your roadie you will enjoy it more.

^^at the risk of threadjack, I’ll be in Melb for roobaix as well! I’m keen to ride n hang this year…

Soz for jacking hlc

Can probably borrow a geared bike when I am down there as well. But prefer riding my own bikes…

I just bought a ticket to the Roubaix and am going to be driving down on the saturday. Ben said track is’nt on that tuesday that you’re going to be there, so I’m going to stay the week following and will be taking the roadie and the track bike. I’m starting a new job that week and will be doing my first week that week at the Melbourne office.
Pretty pumped.

Yeah only found out yesterday that track was off. Spewing. I’ve already organised leave etc, so I’m just gonna ride around and drink coffee.

What time are you heading off/coffee tomorrow morning?

On the off chance you guys fancy a beer, I’ll be at temple having some of them.

Sorry mate. I missed this