VISP, get what you pay for?

I’ve just been looking at the two visps that are all over ebay, the trx-795 and trx-ns.
Considering the frames are dirt cheap, anyone here who’s ridden one, do you get what you pay for or are they just bargains?

To me the 74.5 head tube seems a tad steep for road riding, but I’m not too sure…

They are good value for the price.
Fairly stiff. I dont own one, but have ridden numerous.
A fair few getting around Brisbane with no reported drama’s.

Took one for a ride this morning, was well built with good parts and felt fine.
Mite build up a polo whore with one

mein brother got one, seems to be great. such an awesome frame to ride compared with my old road conversion. so i vote bargain.

Mine rides great…can’t really go wrong for the money.

more cheap china made frames
these are made of Cro-Moly though

what do you guys reckon of a weight comparison between the aluminium and cro-mo frames. The cro-mo will obviously be more rigid and stronger, but do you think they will be significantly heavier than the aluminium frames?
I haven’t got much experience with the aluminium so if someone could give a quick run down of the benefits it’d be great.
Is it essentially just weight?

Alloy will probs be lighter but a rougher ride… Cromo has the ability to soak up the bumps a bit more…but will likely be heavier.

Can’t compare them on such a simple basis. Aluminium has different characteristics to steel, which means that frames will [read: should] be built differently. So you’re not comparing identical frames with different materials. You’re comparing different frames with different materials.

i’m curious about these frames too, anyone who has one keen on writing up a review?

A decent alloy frame with a steel or carbon fork will absorb quite a lot of road vibration as well.

got given one for christmas havnt had the chance to build it after an operation. putting it together on tuesday and ill let you know how it handles.

High strength steel frames are not more rigid or necessarily stronger, unless you use identical tube dimensions in which case the frame will weigh three times more.

for around 200 inculding postage though…

Have one, no problems what so ever.

I wouldn’t recommend them for polo however as they are a track frame and has tow overlap. ie toe hits wheel at low speed.

Worth the bargain.

cheap, nasty, brutish, heavy? all true. You get what you pay for though and they’re okay value.

Here’s the rub: I wandered through a new bike shop (NBS) on the weekend here in radelaide and saw Bottechia have released a line in urban single speed/fixed etc including a model called the Legend or something… anyway, retro hipster track connotations even though poor old Octavio has been dead n buried for many years.

Anyway, said bike was done up with cheap to cheerful quality wheels, other stuff, nothing to make you smile… fako leatherlook bar tape, fako leatherlook saddle and a pricetag of $1999.00. Ah, fuck it, add the extra dollar, who’s counting?

The frameset? A repainted VISP, straight outta China’s finest agrarian collective and tractor factory.

I’ve just finished building one of these up for my mate. Only been on one ride but I like it, Geo is a bit steep but rides fine. For some reason this bike wheelies so easy, must be the short wheelbase because it’s awesome fun just powering out of corners and popping it up for a couple of strokes of the pedals.

Total cost came to $380 when combined with my/his old bits and bobs.

Visp Track Frame/fork
Generic shit track rims
No name tyres
my old BMX stem, bars, seat, grips.
Anodized chain
Old pair of track cranks
Animal Pedals
BO straps.

It looks ‘squashed’.

A review would be great. I’m thinking about getting one.
They seem too good to be true.
So cheap.

What did you want to know specifically?

I have been on one for a while now, daily to work with no issues at all.