Vittoria Corsa G+

Did anyone get to ride these tires yet? They are hell of expensive and I’d love to know if they are worth it.

An OK review here if you are in to rolling resistance.

I’ll be getting some as cx III’s are no longer available.

Because you think/know/experienced that they are superior to something like the Schwalbe ONE or the Grand Prix’s?

They will be far better than ones or GP

because i’ve been riding and alternating between vittoria corsa cx iii’s / Veloflex masters for the last 4 years.

GP4000’s ride rubbish IMO.

2 fucking hours, 4 beers, swearing from hell, carbon wheels nearly out of the window…that’s what it took to get these tires mounted yesterday. Fist ride this morning, I fucking love them. Gosh these tires are paradise on tarmac.

So what you going to do when you puncture?

Quit bikes.

With that tight a fit, run them tubeless and don’t worry about punctures.

They will give in while being mounted and ridden.

I always carry a bottle of red with me for this case.

I am sure they will. One was easier to mount than the other so it might have been just this one tire. I also run fairly wide rims. I am sure as you said that they will stretch a bit over time. They ride like a dream.

Running them in 28mm on the SLR Climbing 0’s in my TCR and love them.

Nice. 28mm must be a tight fit with the seat stay, not?

it’s fine, about 5mm.

Happy to report that they mount easily once they’ve been running for a while.

Looking forward to getting my 25c pair hopefully Monday!