Viva la revolution!

Picked this up the other day. Don’t know the make of the frame. The seller said it was from QLD. Posted some pics of the lugs below, also the bottom bracket was stamped 94 073; let me know if you have any theories of its origins. The geometry is very tight, with lots of toe overlap. The tyres it has on currently were rubbing the brake bridge (or whatever its called if its not drilled) when the wheel was all the way in the track ends.

Its currently running novatec hubs and kinlin rims for the street. Chain is miche. Cranks and headset are campy. Need to change the seat and pedals but for now its rideable.

I’m not really a campy afficianado (could never afford it), could someone enlighten me as to the model of the parts below. The cranks I thinks are record? Whats the difference between record and c record? The bike came with campy hubs laced to machined velocity deep v tubulars which i thought was a bit weird, not sure what i’ll do with them yet. Also not sure of the stem brand.

Anyway I’ve found a keeper I can slowly upgrade, what are your thoughts?

C-Record “sherrif star” high flange hubs. No good for radial lacing, not great for the street, but a hipster’s wet dream. Unlace, polish them up and stick them on US ebay and you’ll probably get $500++

Very nice. Get it for a good price?

Why aren’t they any good for radial? Is it just these hubs or other hubs as well?

Not enough material in the flanges, they fracture.

thats what i thought after a quick ebay search reckon i’ll keep them for when i get to the track one of these days. what about the cranks are they c record too? and what is the difference apart from pricetag between record and c record?

Very nice. Get it for a good price?

Got them for about how much i would’ve paid just for the frame. I had no idea about the campy stuff until after the sale.

Why aren’t they any good for radial? Is it just these hubs or other hubs as well?

they snap apparently. it comes up in one of the threads if you search campagnolo hubs, and sheldon had an article on it.

Nice bike. Good to know you can pick up a track bike bargain if you look hard and are lucky…

Man, those hubs are soooo nice, look like they don’t have a scratch on em,
And would polish up beautiful, Im pretty sure that the stem is just a kalloy.

The clearances are hot, and so are the straight forks. Hope to see this on Sunday.

thought i’d chuck an update picture up

new rolls saddle, pedals and bar tape.

took the old tape off to reveal that the bars are actually nitto b123 njs

Very lucky find man, quality parts.
Like the new Saddle and grip tape. Seatpost looks a bit weird with the black upper bit and the stems a bit ugly…
Fork is sexy! good find

yeah i agree. they’re the next things i need to replace. the stem is too long for me atm.