vivalo complete, collingwood vic

hey folks

my friend is selling his bike on the bay:

super nice build, custom wheels and all. if anyone would like to inspect (collingwood), pm me.

wow that bike is amazing

gl with the sale

What’s with all the project bikes that never get ridden…

And what’s with top tube protectors and bull horns.

yep, i give him a hard time about these very points frequently. especially the former. the amount of money he’s blown on shit he never uses… the wheels have probably seen 3kms riding!

hey man, my mrs is looking for a bike but it might be a little big for her, what nights are you home this week?

i like seeing the journey of bikes, i found this frame in tokyo and it was cheap but it was obviously too small for me so i handballed it to user benzy, who sold it when he got home, now its been blinged up its ended up a few kms from me, for sale again…

Geebus Friggin Christ

provenance provided! thanks.

well, he decided to keep the bike, but has now changed his mind again:

also some cycle underground chainrings:

haha i carried this fucker around nearly all day after a days racing at cmwc,eventually locking it to a baracade and not to mention leaving it with crew, and then rode through the out skirts of tokyo and into the city with it on my back drunk! funny shit.

hey i took that photo! where did you find it, on cranky?

haha yeah, i remember seeing the post last sept.