Vivalo Njs

Hi Guys!

Finally finished my recently acquired Vivalo so I thought I would share. Always wanted a Keirin/Njs bike so when this frame popped up locally I had to have it so here it is:

Vivalo NJS 55x55

Vivalo/Hatta Swan Deluxe NJS

Crankset/Bottom Bracket:
Dura Ace FC-7600/ Sugino 75 NJS

MKS Custom Nuevo NJS Pedals /MKS Steel L-size NJS Clips /MKS Fit-α NJS Toe Straps

EAI 18t Cog/Dura Ace FC-7600 51t Chainring/ Izumi Model-V Super Toughness

Nitto B260AA Riser bar/Nitto NJS Jaguar 100mm/Champ 4mm “Black Sparkle”

Selle San Marco Rolls/ Suntour Superbe NJS

Mavic Open Pro/Dura Ace HB-7600/Panaracer

Kashimax Five Gold TT Protector

Future plans:
Longer Seatpost
Jaguar/b123 (back killer!) or Pearl/b125

Thanks For Looking!



Is good. Is this toms old bike?

Looking good.

This is good.

Fucking top notch.


my thoughts exactly. think he rode bigger than 55, but it looks like his old one.

not toms, his is still in LA.

carry on.

Pretty, pretty good.

on point.

Looks hot. More photos!

Fucking lush. +1 for moar photos, need some detailed shots pls

This is hot, this is rad, I too want to see more photos of this.

Sheet this is a dead ringer for my gan well pro - so on that basis, nice one


Thanks for the kind words lads! Will get around to more photos once the weather clears up a bit.

Unfortunately the sugino75 bb had it’s last days today water had gotten into it so the bearings and cups are both goners :frowning:

Can anyone recommend a decent sealed cartridge bb? Pretty certain it would have to be ISO taper though my lbs said FC-7600 were JIS?


Phil Wood or SKF for ISO.

Campag square taper 111. Should be able to pick up Veloce bb on eBay for cheap and they last for ages otherwise shell out and go Phil or SKF.