Vivalo Pro Special NJS

Finally I’ve got a classic track bike. Changing from Fuji Feather to this frame is the best decision. I got it in a very cheap price, while the condition is near mint. Planning to change the hub to dura-ace njs in a few months, or after the hub is broken. The frame is very progressive I would say, thats why it has a steep seatpost. But that makes the top tube a bit short, perfect for me since i have quite a long leg. lol. Hope you like it guys :smiley:

Frame: Vivalo 54 NJS
Fork/Headset: Vivalo / Hatta Swan Deluxe NJS
Crankset/Bottom Bracket: Dura-Ace 7600 NJS / Hatta RB9400 NJS
Drivetrain/Cog/Chainring/Chain: Soma 18t / Sugino 75 NJS 48t / Izumi
Handlebars/Stem: Nitto B123AA NJS 400 / Nitto Jaguar NJS 80
Saddle/Seatpost: Nitto SP72 Jaguar NJS / Kashimax FiveGold NJS
Wheels: H+Son TB14 32h / Miche 32h / Panaracer Pasela Tour Guard 700c/25
Accessories: Fizik Bar Tape / Soma Double Cage / Cadence Double Strap / Kashimax Frame Protector

Gumwalls YES!

inb4 tight clearances

looks rad!

Likey likey. Front tyre clearance is ridiculous. Gumwalls do look sweet.

Yeah! Hella nice indeed. Love the gumwalls too. Most likely going to be putting them on my next build in a few weeks. Really great photos too!

That’s nice. Would prefer black tape and seat, but that’s just me. Hope it’ll see the track.

beautiful, both bike and photos.

Wow that’s a really nice bike.

Interesting that even with the steep seat tube, you’ve set up the seat forward and running a short stem. Compact.

Really nice,
I have tb14’s to dura ace 36h njs,
They ride and look amazing.

very well done, classic lines, great photos.

noobs, pay attention. this is how its done.


Nice, nice work. The gumwalls really set it off.

I think I need to purchase some for the Samson ASAP.

Holy cow, that’s nice.

Thanks guys for the comment. I need some suggestion though, should I change the hub to dura-ace njs? or this miche is good enoguh?

I run Miche hubs and they’ve done me well so far. Nice build!

Hot damn, this is noice. To be pedantic I think the handlebars could be rotated up a smidge and the saddle needs to slide back a touch, but whatever works for you. Panaracer Paselas FTW! Does the front wheel spin or does it just jam up against the fork crown? :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you have a problem with the Miche hubs, I don’t see why you would need to change them.

Nice work, I’ve been running those same tyres for a few months now - they feel good! (and look good)