Volume Thrasher V2

Here’s my update to my Thrasher.

Rims: 700c MTX 33
Hubs: Profile Racing fixed/fixed 14 slotted rear axle
Wheels built by Shifterbikes
Tyres: Resist Nomad 700x45c Red Wall
Bars/Grips/Stem: Breakbrake17/ODI/Cult
Saddle/Seat post: Cult/Alius pivotal
Headset/BB: Eclat/Colony
Cranks: Profile Racing no boss
Pedals: Snafu
Chainring: Resist 36t Spline drive
Rear cog: Roselli 16t
Chain: Shadow Conspiracy half link

LHD but no pegs? Or are you king of pedal slides? Either way this looks sweet and it isn’t 26", yay!

Pegs to come, maybe. And yeah I like a pedal grind here and there.


Very nice Markee, keen to see action shot!

that resist sprocket had me tripping for a moment due to the ‘faux-spider/chainring’ design haha… ‘where are your chainring bolts!’

Well done MM - colours following your other passion?

North Sydney Bears?

Nope, my Aprilia, my other money pit!

if you want to do tricks etc, why not just use a bmx?

If you wanna go from point A to point B why not just use a car? Don’t start this again, man…

Because I like the fixed driveline and having a useable seat and gear ratio to ride around on.

people still ask this question?

Every day…

Ostrich. Head. Sand.

if only profile fixed hubs made the same noise their bmx hubs do…

Awesome build. Love the Longnecks.

Cheers butter :smiley:

im shufflin’.

sick build. love the tyres they look sweet!