Volunteers wanted for DDCX Round 2 - Darebin Parklands - 11th Aug



  • Entry stewards
  • Result takers (1 - 3 hours depending)
  • Corner/Crossing Marshalls (1 race ~ 45 to 60 mins)
  • Parking Marshalls (1.5 hours)
  • Setup/Packdown

This DDCX round is going to be bigger than Ben Hur and we’d like your help running it. PM me with your name, email and phone number and what you’d preferably like to help with.

It’s the best way to get up close and personal for some quality heckling of NikCee. Plus if you’re a corner marshall, you can take your mates to the location and OWN THAT SHIT. Heckle in harmony. Setup a 3 piece punk band. See if we care.


i’ll help

Fuck I love what you guys do with my shots.

Will definitely be able to help with set-up but that’s about all due to photogz.

Of course you will

I wanna drink beers during the racing, so sign me on for set-up/pack-down!

EDIT:should have probably read further and just put that in a PM…

According to my phone calender i’m available

Rolly’s Top Tip:

If marshalling on a corner, get some mates to join you and make the most of it. Start some banter with the riders as they come past, give your mates a (little) push when they’re struggling, encourage riders to get rad & do some sweet tricks (rolling tubs not recommended), have a cheeky beer (but keep your shit together).

I didn’t find out til later, but I was pretty chuffed to hear that the corner I was marshalling was named Rolly’s Corner.

Get amongst it, especially if you’ve been enjoying DDCX for the last few years & are yet to lend a hand.


So I can sign you up for Rolly’s corner again, Roland?

can an internet person DoS that shit?

if you have to mate, go for it.

but, I’ll be pretty surprised if you don’t have some n00bs to help you out this time round.

you’re welcome.

nah, I was told on very good authority it was hamish.

nice try though brenno, sheesh.

as if. making up stuff is my job. you go to hamish when you want the facts.

Be part of history, lend a hand.

Shit is going to be all time…

Rolly pretty much nailed this, I’ve oft thought about a rowdiest corner marshall award. Get some mates and get around it, you’ll probably end up with a piece of CX history named after you. Pavlis’ hill, Rolly’s corner et al…

rolling tubs in front of mates in not recommended

neither is binning it RUNNING down the hill.


Pm’ed a while ago. Was I supposed to hear back? If not, cool bananas, if so, cool bananas.

All PM’s have been addressed. Including you, Chimp.

Thanks peeps. Still need extra hands on the day. See Blakey? Ask him if he needs a hand with anything.