VooDoo dropout slippage

Anyone have experience of slippy Voodoo sliding dropouts? If so how did you deal with it? Got a little bit going on with my SS 29er. Have tried loctite and plumber’s tape on the adjustment screws, they’re still giving a bit. Seems the contact between frame and dropout isn’t bitey enough.

Have you tried bouncing it off a tree and riding it into a river?

I know nothing about this, but how about carbon paste or similar?

Disclaimer: I’ve never used carbon paste or similar.

This might work. I haven’t used it either but I’ve got some on the way in the post somewhere.

If you want, you can grab some from me and give it a try. But it might be a couple of weeks away.

put a nylock on the allen key bolt and tighten that and the allen key against the frame?

I have heard of this happening on voodoo’s and I used to have a wanga, never slipped but I remembered reading solutions online like maybe sanding the two surfaces or somthing… but don’t quote me

Haven’t tried that but I’m intrigued by whatever the back story to that is.

have tried sanding the surfaces with 60 grit but I haven’t tried carbon paste…I’ve got some out in the shed, will give it a go.


I have a wanga and used to have a wazoo and have heard somewhere that they used to make the washer plate thingy out of aluminium or something similar - the washers on both of my voodoos were thick steel and I had no slipping issues.

Ok so I took a good look at it all in daylight…part of the story was chainline…I’m running a surly sprocket on an XT hub with a bunch of ghetto spacers from old cassettes. The sprocket was out a bit wide and I got the impression it was torquing the wheel around under load (I am a fat bastard). Moved the sprocket inboard a spacer, put it all back together…went out and stomped up some (modest) hills and problem gone.

My Wanga slips occasionally too. I found it was the paint stripping off the dropout and causing it to loosen and shift. Once I got down to bare metal the serrated washers held much better. VooDoos have shit paint in my opinion. I’ve got heaps of chips all over my frame from very small rocks, which none of my other frames have ever suffered from.