VOTE No.2 - only 9 day to go!

foa maffia can do it if any one can, just saying

Brunswicks Best Beard

Done. You have got this in the bag .

But seriously 10 has some length and will be a tough act to beat.


done. can I vote from my other 6 email accounts?



No. Yes!

Done. But only cos you’re a top bloke, not cos of the beard.

+1 the 'tache is rad!

I can’t believe this is a thing. I’m not voting, just out of anger (read: jealousy).

Voted. Moustache curls did it for me.

You’d win “best facial contusions of Sydney” hands down.


Done - that moustache is sex. Let’s lock curls some time aight?


Godspeed gene

No 8 has it hands down.

Voted on two accounts and forwarded to my colleagues. Anything for Gene!

Call me?

done. #curlybits:slight_smile: