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Dear FOA,

A good friend has been shortlisted in an competition to win $100,000. The competition…

Ketel One is on a quest to find contemporary craftsmen who bring traditional skills into the modern day. Our panel of experts are looking for modern craftsmen who want to take their work, their careers, themselves further and show how they do one thing well. People keen to establish a legacy of their own. With recognition on a global level and $100,000 for one modern craftsman up for grabs the Modern Craft Project really will be life-changing.

Helen needs to money to open a workshop to build these food cart bicycles/kitchens on wheels. These bikes are for her venture Street Food Australia, which essentially is mobile food cart bicycles.

This would well entruely fast forward what she is doing and will get Street Food Australia off to a successful start!

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Voted, although I am unsure of the SFA abreviation???

Street Food Australia

Voted. There are a few other really nifty ideas in that competition.

I entered…

unsure…as in, SFA is probably more known as sweetfuckall.

also voted.


The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

might just be my work connection

oh my bad ha ha

already also voted.


Voted! Good Luck!!

Voted, what a rad idea!

Thanks dudes. The idea is to take this to other cities as well!

Vetoed. No, sorry, voted.

I voted, although I nearly failed the CAPTCHA test…